Protecting Workers from Cold Stress
Cold temperatures and increased wind speed (wind chill) cause heat to leave the body more quickly, putting workers at risk of cold stress.
Anyone working in the cold may be at risk, e.g., workers in freezers, outdoor agriculture and construction.
Common Types of Cold Stress
• Normal body temperature (98.6°F) drops to 95°F or less.
• Mild Symptoms: alert but shivering.
• Moderate to Severe Symptoms: shivering stops; confusion; slurred speech; heart rate/breathing slow; loss of consciousness; death.
• Body tissues freeze, e.g., hands and feet. Can occur at temperatures above freezing, due to wind chill. May result in amputation.
• Symptoms:
numbness, reddened skin develops gray/ white patches, feels firm/hard, and may blister.
Trench Foot (also known as Immersion Foot)
• Non-freezing injury to the foot, caused by lengthy exposure to wet and cold environment. Can occur at air temperature as high as 60°F, if feet are constantly wet.
• Symptoms: redness, swelling, numbness, and blisters.
Risk Factors
• Dressing improperly, wet clothing/skin, and exhaustion.
For Prevention, Your Employer Should:
• Train you on cold stress hazards and prevention.
• Provide engineering controls, e.g., radiant heaters.
• Gradually introduce workers to the cold; monitor workers; schedule breaks in warm areas.


As you know, growing a business can be difficult, but not impossible. Businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses.
If you could save money, improve productivity, lower insurance cost and increase employee morale, would you?
The success of your business depends, in large, on the men and women who work for you.
Protecting their safety and health on the job makes good business sense, the right thing to do and is the Law.                
No one should die for a check...

Because of continued success and growth, we have position available for:
      *  Construction Inspector and Junior Inspector
      *  Office Engineers and Assistant Office Engineers
      *  Community Liaison
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      *  OSHA 500 Train the Trainer instructors any languages.


Attention, Think before you Claim...

A former construction worker who collected disability after stating a job-related accident left him unable to work is facing a felony theft charge.

Working While Collecting

“Some people may think cheating the system is easy money, but it’s not,” said Elizabeth Smith, assistant director of L&I’s Fraud Prevention & Labor Standards, in the statement. “We regularly catch workers’ comp crooks by cross-checking L&I data with that of other public agencies.”

Check it out:



Friday, October 30, 2015
Construction worker dead after eight-story Midtown building partially collapses, second worker was trapped and rescued.
First responders worked feverishly to save a construction worker buried by five floors of falling debris in a massive Midtown building collapse Friday morning that killed a co-worker.

September 3, 2015
BEDFORD-STUYVESANT - A wall collapse on Myrtle Avenue killed a 19-year-old construction worker today, officials say.
A wall tumbled down on three construction workers at around 11:30 a.m. The two other workers were injured.
Witnesses say the workers were trying to secure the wall when it fell on them.

September 1 2015 - A worker was killed Tuesday after falling 13 floors from scaffolding at East 76th Street and First Avenue, according to officials.
The 30-year-old man fell from a 14th-floor scaffold to a sidewalk shed at 363 E. 76th St. at about 3:58 p.m., according to an Office of Emergency

May 31, 2015 - Crane Accident in Midtown Manhattan Injures 7 and Damages Buildings
A crane that was lifting a heating and air conditioning unit to the top of 261 Madison Avenue in Manhattan damaged nearby buildings on Sunday.
The Fire Department said two construction workers and five passers-by sustained minor injuries, described as lacerations, from the falling debris. The construction workers were taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, and two people were taken to NYU Langone Medical Center. The others refused medical attention.

May 5, 2015 - A construction worker fell to his death Tuesday while working on the RIU Hotel-Times Square at 301 W. 46th St. near Eighth Ave.The construction worker who fell 24 stories down an elevator shaft to his death Tuesday in a half-built Midtown luxury hotel was a decorated Air Force veteran who had dodged rocket fire in Afghanistan — but was more frightened by his new civilian job.

April 24, 2015  Crane Accident 44th Street and 2nd Ave.
Fire Officials: New York City Crane Accident Leaves Man Dead. Fire officials say a boom-crane accident in midtown Manhattan has left a man dead. The Fire Department of New York says the accident occurred shortly before noon Friday near 44th Street and Second Avenue

April 7, 2015 -  Construction accident in midtown Manhattan injures 4, FDNY says

April 6, 2015 Worker Killed At Construction Site Dirt Collapse In Meatpacking District

March 6 2015 Building explodes in NYC’s East Village

February 26, 2015

January 27, 2015 -  .

January 21, 2015 -  


BST recognizes that a jobsite poses a unique challenge to management and employees alike, with its constantly changing conditions; it is a work environment that differs each day with its hazards. We want to earn your business.

All instructors are qualified safety and/or health professionals. Our instructors have the education and the many years of combined experience needed to help establish safety programs and training for our clients.



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